Dislocated leg...how can I fix it?!


Mar 15, 2018
Hello all!!

My name is Sara and I am super new to this forum so bare with me...I've been searching the Internet and everywhere else I've can imagine trying to find help for my barred rock hen, TurdBird since she got hurt yesterday, but haven' had any luck...so I'm asking my fellow chicken people for HELP!!

We introduced our Black Orpington rooster, Slick, to our flock of 15 hens Tuesday morning (day before yesterday). He' a very big, very gentle guy, but the hens all hated him, picking fights etc. My hens are very small compared to him. When I went out to do my chores yesterday, my feisty lil TurdBird was flopping around on the floor of their coop, unable to put weight on her right leg. It just dangles around. I've checked her leg bones themselves, they'e definitely not broken...it's her hip/upper leg is completely unattached from where it should be and I don't have a chicken vet anywhere near me so I'm stuck taking care of her on my own.

My friend suggested a sling to keep weight off her legs, so she is in one I made out of a towel and a laundry basket...if I can figure out how to put a pic up, I will...

Anyone out there ever have this happen to them? Any advice, help, etc would be so greatly appreciated. I just love this feisty lady of mine.

(She' still eating and drinking, having normal BM's, etc. She doesn't 'seem' to be in pain, she's just wobbly bc she can't put weight on her leg)

Thank you,
Sara & TurdBird ♡


May 29, 2017
Welcome to BYC!!! I have No experience in this,but I hope someone that comes along does.I wish the best to your chickens!:):welcome

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