distance buying (a bit of a rant, I suppose)

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Rusty Hills Farm, Nov 11, 2009.

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    I think I am giving up on distance buying. The shipping is getting too ridiculous. I'm a potter and wanted to make my daughter and daughter-in-law something special for the holidays. I needed 2 jars of glaze of a type I never use in my business, so I picked up the phone. Put it down in shell-shock. The 2 jars would have cost $8.75 total PLUS a $3.95 handling fee PLUS a FedEx fee of $13.95. For 2 jars of glaze! Scratch that project.

    Then I broke a tool and needed a replacement. Called a different supplier. The tool was $12 PLUS a $3.95 handling fee PLUS a FedEx charge of $13.95. This tool would easily fit in a small USPS Flat Rate box for $4.50 but they will only ship FedEx! Same way with the fist supplier. FedEx only. Why are all these smaller businesses insisting on FedEx, the most expensive shipper out there?!? All I can figure is that it's their discount. 10-21% depending on the number of shipments they make. But I REFUSE to pay FedEX's inflated rates to ship when USPS is less than half that.

    And what's with the "handling fee" nonsense? With Flat Rate even the boxes are free, so who needs a handling fee? Naw, I'm tired of getting ripped off.

    So I made my own tool. And I'll think of something else for my girls.

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    Perhaps they've had too many problems with USPS. I try not to mail anything anymore, it just took too long and USPS doesn't guarantee on-time delivery unless you get their expedited service. It took 4 days to send a box a 3-hour drive away in the same state. I find FedEx and UPS to be much more reliable for packages than USPS.
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    Quote:Rusty am so glad you made our own tool... neccesity is the mother of invention....the cost of posting anything anywhere is becoming quite ridiculous! so GOOD for you.... Bravo!
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    Thanks for that!

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