Disturbed flock order with new rooster, head hen does not approve...



So I had to place my main rooster due to him being to rough with his girls.
I had a rooster who I had been trying to place for a friend, and figured that since he had been inside for more then 30 days that he would be safe to put out with the girls.
Well, so far the pecking order has settled quite nicely, except for Bug. My head girl, and once favorite hen of my old rooster, has been fluffing herself up and clucking as well as growling just like my broody!
I hope this is just because she is thinking about becoming a broody, but will she get used to Mr. B? *The new rooster* or will she be forever resentful...


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LOL, she'll get over it. When I got my first rooster, a few girls were not pleased, and one of them was my head hen. He had to lay down the law to a couple of them before harmony reigned. They got used to him, but he never mated a couple who bloodied his comb when they first were together without a barrier between them. He was a perfect gentleman, too. They just didn't want a new boss, I guess.
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Alright well you were both very reassuring thank you!

If she goes broody I wont mind, she seems like she would make a great mom, and hopefully she will settle down fairly soon.
Thank you guys!

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