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Jun 24, 2008
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Are there any divers here??

My DH wants a dive watch that he can see in black water or at night. When an ad say "luminous" does that mean basic glow in the dark?

Light up displays often require you to find and press a tiny button that cannot be found easily in the dark and wearing gloves.

HIs biggest request is that he can see the thing in the dark. Anyone have any hints or ideas??


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Apr 1, 2010
Its been a long time since I went diving. I did only one night dive and hated it. We were diving in the red sea so we didn't have to wear gloves but we were carrying lights so finding the buttons on the watch weren't much of a problem. There is usually enough light from your partners flashlight to light it up. That being said, a dive shop should have a dark room where you can check out the luminosity of a potential watch. I beleive our watches are Cobra brand.
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Dec 28, 2011
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I wear a Rolex Submariner. Yes, it's a bit on the spendy side, but I have worn it every day, for 22 years. The dots for the numbers are plugs of tritium, which glows, without you a having to shine light on it first
It's one of the ingredients of a nuclear device and comes from breeder reactors.

It is guaranteed waterproof to 1000 feet. Humans are not waterproof to 1000 feet. Sure loads of people have gone down that deep successfully, but only if you define "successfully" as getting to that depth. Not "successfully" as in coming back up and still being alive.

It does not take batteries and it never needs winding, because it winds itself every time you move your arm.

The crystal is a man-made sapphire that will scratch the heck out of stone and wear it down to a nub, without scratching the crystal.

It's easily the most popular dive watch out there and a tiny bit of a status symbol

Here are a couple of pics. One is just to show what the 22 year old, daily-worn crystal looks like. It is hard to photograph perfection, but...



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