Dixie Chick is very sick :(


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Please help me with what might be wrong with Dixie.
Yesterday morning we went outside and find her slumped on the ground. Her feet were turned in (see photo), and she wouldn't weight bare. Her comb was very very dark, and she was difficult to wake.
We brought her in over night, and noted really quickly that she had diarrhea, and it looked like she had been suffering from this for a while, as she had poo-matted feathers which we had to cut off :(
We've been feeding her a blend of oats/egg yolk/honey/yoghurt/grated apple and syringe feeding her water with broad-spectrum antibiotics. She seems to have perked up a bit, however is still very unwell. This below photo was taken about 10 minutes ago.
She seems a bit more interested in food and water, however is still very lethargic and seems to struggle lifting her head. Her comb is now a much better colour, but her feet are still really turned in. Could it be a stroke???
What can we do to make sure she's comfortable?

Thanks in advance
The legs turning inward sounds like a neurological issue. Could she have accidentally ingested some poison?

I'm just now learning about Coccidiosis, because I just lost a bird and I think that's what killed her. All the symptoms you described, except the leg paralysis, seem to match what happened to my chick. If it is cocci, you'll need to treat her quickly. There's a couple of home remedies I've heard of, one being to feed the bird(s) dry milk, which will make the chicken thirsty and will help flush out the cocci. The best treatment I've heard of is Corid, which I'm going to try to find tomorrow to treat the rest of my flock.
She's in with two other girls, and neither of those are showing any signs of any illness. She was the top of the pecking order, but I could find no injuries which may explain anything.
I'm in Australia - can the Corid be found here?

I think you may be able to purchase it from a feed store in Australia. Call the closest feed stores and ask them if they sell it.

My chick that passed from Cocci was with the flock when I first noticed she wasn't thriving. It's possible that the other birds aren't showing signs of it (yet) because it either hasn't advanced very far or their immune systems are stronger. I gave my other birds the milk flush and the next day found blood in their poo, so even though they weren't displaying symptoms they were still carrying it.

If it helps, here's the thread on my bird. There are pics.

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