DIY feeder


11 Years
Aug 12, 2008
I had been thinking of a feeder design that my wife would like to have for a little while now. I cam up with this on the fly. I did not draw out any plans at all. I think it came out well. I built it yesterday afternoon with scrap wood I had and 2 sections of plexi I got for $3 each at Home Depot on clearance for being scratched up. Only other thing I bought was 2 sections of gutter guard for like $1.25 each. I was not going for any size in particular, but it just happens to hold 50lbs of layena pellets perfectly. I made a little section in the middle for support, but it allows for oyster shell to be fed, which is cool. I just cut my wood to the size of the plexi and worked around it. Only took me about an hour to make. Not bad for a summer after work project that cost under $10.
I am going to seal the wood this afternoon to prevent water damage.



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