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    I am using the dlm and was wondering if I clean it out late fall after a frost do think it would benefit my lawn by spreading it there before the snow flies thus sitting out all winter on the lawn and hopefully amending my soil some? I have alot of clay that is dry as a bone most of the time.
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    First, what kind of DLM are you using -- is this dark, crumbly, moist composted-down stuff coming from long use on a dirt floor, or is it just the pale basically-undecomposed wood shavings or straw from a plywood or cement floor. I am going to assume, below, that it's the latter since that is far and away the most common, but if I'm wrong then Yes it would be fine to put on the lawn [​IMG]

    Adding basically-uncomposted shavings or straw to your lawn is probably not so good an idea, not even in the fall. You will sort of be creating an extra layer of 'thatch', in a way. It is not going to do much decomposing lying on top of the ground in a thin layer, and esp. if your soil is clayey and compacted it will not get mixed into the soil by worms etc very much. Thus it may actually exacerbate your dry-season problems, by encouraging shallow roots on the grass.

    If it were me, I would stack it somewhere for a year or two until it has composted down to a darker color and finer texture, and *then* put it on the lawn if you want, although honestly I have not personally seen that topdressing clayey lawns with small amounts of compost does anything meaningful. Perhaps your property is different than mine tho [​IMG]

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  3. kelliepulido

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    Mar 18, 2008
    st.john's mi

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