Do all pickled eggs have to be stored in the fridge?


the bird is the word
11 Years
Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
Or is it possible to can them? I am getting at least 17 eggs daily from my quail, and I have had a lot of interest in pickled eggs. I have not tried pickling them yet, but it doesn't seem all that hard. But every recipe I have found says to store them in the refridgerator?

Is it possible to can them? I have a water bath canner, would this work, or do I need a pressure cooker? I would think that the vinegar in the juice would be enough acidity to ensure they don't spoil, if I were to use the water bath, but I just want to be sure. I sure don't need to make anyone sick!
I have canned some in a water bath myself and ate them. However, reading in different books there are differing opinions on storing them. I made sure I used a recipe with a lot of vinegar. I think you should have really good luck with quail eggs because they are so much smaller

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