Do any ducks lay colored eggs?


8 Years
Oct 28, 2011
Tehama, Nor Cal (way nor)
I thought I saw online once that there was a duck breed that layed blue eggs. I have not been able to find it online again. Am I remembering what I read wrong or is there a duck that lays blue eggs?
Do any other ducks lay colored eggs?
Some of my runners lay a beautiful tinted egg. They are a kind of green/ blue colour. Mallards will also lay light blue/ green coloured eggs as well as cayugas- but they are much darker in colour.
My mallards lay a light green egg. Cayugas lay beautiful dark eggs
Cayugas lay black eggs! I wish I had a picture

Mine laid black eggs for the first month. They slowly lightened, and now they are white like everyone else's. Every once in a while I'll get a slightly black/ gray egg from them. I've read that once they molt, the eggs will be black again.

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