Do baby chicks eat in the night time?


8 Years
Nov 3, 2011
I just turned out their light in the room/broader area. My question is their 4 weeks old and do baby chicks get up in the night if their hungry to go eat? Or do they sit there all night until the morning time? Some have said they dont have good eyesight so will sit in the same spot until the morning.
I have a dim light reflecting into their room/broader area but its very low,low lite.

Should I wait a few hours longer before turning their light off? I turn it on at 7am and just turned it off at 7:30pm.
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I guess my title is making it sound confusing so Ill change that. Sorry for the confusion!
I have their food and water in there with them but my question was if I turn the light off this early can or will they see very well to walk over and eat if they get hungry?
My six week olds are off the lamp and only getting natural sunlight. They sleep all night and don't eat in the middle of the night. They certainly won't die but id make sure they had plenty of food first thing in the morning when their light comes back on. They'll be fine with the light off and will figure it out
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You should have the light on 24 hours until they are fully feathered out . If you have the dim light on they should be able to see and go eat if they are hungry
My concern is their only 4 weeks old.
The heat in their room is the temperature of my house (75degrees...I like it warm and have no feathers!
)so I took the heat lamp out of their broader area and put a very dim light in there for them.
Should i leave the light on in their room area for a couple more weeks longer during the eveningtime before turning it off? Or is about 11 hours okay for them to go without getting up and eating?
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I do it the same way you do and I'll say that if they're hungry enough they'll find the food but chances are they will just sleep through the night. Some mornings when I check on the babes their feeder is knocked over like it is during the day so I know they've gotten up and eaten on their own
Think of how Babies are with broody moms. They sleep with mom all night while it's dark and then forage with her during the day. They're fine. They have to start getting used to dark time anyhow
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Like someone posted above, there not going to die with out it at this point. It really is personal preferance. I myself would leave a light on just because I would want one.
Okay so they will go eat if they get hungry just with the dim light for them to see?
Their broader is in my house so the temp is warm so they dont need the heat lamp anymore. I just wasnt sure if theyll get up and go eat in the middle of the night with just a dim light on or will they sit there all night and not go eat if they get hungry?

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