Do Bantam Cochins Make Good Pets

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I Want A Very Friendly Breed, That Likes Being Picked Up. It Has To Be Good With Kids. I Would Like It To Come When Called But I Can Train It To Do That My Self. Also Can The Sex Of Bantam Cochin Be Determined As A Young Chick
Do bantam cochins make good pets... in a word, yes. Especially the hens, though the roosters can be back-pocket type boys too.

While some breeds are more 'expected' to be better pets than others, such as cochins and silkies, I am a strong believer that any breed can make an excellent pet if handled often and gently from day one. Some of my flightiest birds in general currently are Egyptian Fayoumis, but I have 2 roosters and a senior hen that insist on being my "helpers" at all times. They come running over to my feet from anywhere in their yards, eat from my hand, don't mind being picked up and stroked - all the while the rest of their breed keep their distance, run off, make a big stink if I have to catch them, etc. Just depends on how hands-on I was with their raising.

Some of my best pets, and some past house birds, were Cochins. They are curious, calm and very easy going as a breed goes.

Another option for friendly pet-like birds would be Silkies. I've got two house silkies sitting near me right now, actually. A three-year old buff hen that knows her name, comes running when I call and wears a diaper and dress, and a young blue cockerel that is being raised as a house roo.
YES! I had a flock of cochins a few years ago, four regular and on bantam hen. Her name was Juliette and she fit right in with the others despite her size. She was also the broody one of the bunch and would take over any eggs that were left unattended, and though we let her hatch two chicks, the rest of the eggs we had to take from her for eating (and she didn't put up too much resistance to us taking them away). All of my chickens were super sweet and people friendly, they even thought they lived in the house, and if we left the door open unattended we would find our rooster strutting through the kitchen with his little harem! None of them objected to being held, especially Juliette, who would even perch on your shoulder. :D
Yes! As others have said, these are one of the friendlier breeds besides silkies that I would even trust as a child's house pet. They generally aren't bite-y, like being held and can be trained to come when you call them. (Mostly because they are hoping for more treats all the time.)
Use caution putting them with other breeds though - they are so gentle they get picked on by other chickens.

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