Do birds know when others are dying?


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11 Years
Aug 3, 2008
I have a 8 week old sickly bird, who will not stand straight, always leans to one side. Can't access food or water, so my boys and I have been treating her like a handicapped family member and helping her to her food and water...she's still living so far. The past two nights, instead of roosting, two of our other birds have laid with her in the shavings below. I wonder if they know she might not make it much longer?


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11 Years
Jul 11, 2008
Quote:Awwww, Sorry about your chickie !!!!! I think they know !!!!! I have a pair of hens that I got together at an auction months ago, They are older and I knew that when getting them.... Well, one of the hens has been sickly/old for a while now (stands there and looks half dead) I dont think she is suffering and I dont have the heart to have hubby cull her, her hen friend sits next to her all day and keeps her company !!!!! Also will defend her if anyone tryes to get smart with her.

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