Do cats kill chickens?


12 Years
Jan 1, 2008
I came home just it time to find a cat jumping one of my RIR chickens I yelled and scared it away, it is not a wild cat it belongs to someone, not sure which one.

I then looked to see if my girl was hurt and found that the cat had attacked my white Lakenvelder also there were clumps of feathers. I found them both unhurt but frightened.

I can't sit home 24/7 if this cat comes back how likely is it that they can kill my girls, I used to have cats and they killed small birds and brought them home....but chickens? Any thoughts? thank you.
Although it is probably not a common occurrence, a cat if it has the desire is fully capable of killing a chicken. Sound as if that cat has the desire. Either a covered pen for the chickens or a box trap for the cat are viable solutions.
How old are your birds? I have a 9 year old kitty and she absolutely submits to the chickens, now that they're bigger than her. When my birds were younger, she most certainly would have killed them. Keeping them separate was number one priority. Nowadays it's pretty sad, she'll get pecked right between the eyes. She generally avoids them. It's quite karmic, really.

If it's a big male cat I could see it attacking them. Do you have a sling shot, BB gun, or other gun? That would be my solution. I'm very glad your chickens were unharmed!!! Good luck!
I think the cat is a female it is fairly small. My birds are 6 an 7...Thanks I am glad they are ok also. I was sick I thought one went away to die I could not find her.

I actually considered a BB gun but I would have to be home, I must be away tomorrow. I would hate to have to kill the cat but I will do what I must do. I have a dog and he usually chases away any predators including a Hawk that was carrying one of them away he jumped the hawk and the hawk then released my hen.
Thanks I am going to check out some BB guns now... Problem is I am a good shot.... :(
Well, it's good for your chickens that you're a good shot. If it's a BB, the cat will be fine. Hopefully it'll scare the living daylights out of it too.

And wow, what a lucky hen! Your dog is a hero!
My dog is indeed a hero but now he knows it, he stands on the deck looking out over the girls and chases anything that comes near. He is the king of the hill... LOL It is really funny to watch him. I am happy the "gun" would not kill the cat I just really want to scare it.
We had a fox that would come around the coop every morning for a little while. My hubby went out and had a perfect opportunity to shoot the little devil. He didn't have the heart to shoot the fox but shot right near it's tail (that's what he says anyway!
) and we haven't seen Mr. Fox for a few weeks now. That doesn't mean he's gone, just smarter. Keep that in mind when you scare the kitty. Good luck to you!
I've never had any problem with cats & adult chickens but I lost 15 young birds to a cat over the last several months. I suspected one of my own barn cats but didn't want to kill her without any proof. I got proof beyond a reasonable doubt last week when in front of my very eyes she snatched victim #16 (a 12 day old bitty) while I was standing 10 feet away. Miraculously, the bitty survived the attack, the cat didn't.
It is hard to lose a chicken that way... I had a fox take one of my favorites a hawk got the next one. I consider myself very lucky that I only lost two to predators in 6-7 years.
Sorry you had to do your cat in but something had to give...

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