Do chickens get constipated? picture added


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May 9, 2008
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So this may be a dumb questions but when I went to the coop yesterday I found a hen and she was straining and standing still not moving. I took her and put her in a cage by herself she is very swollen in the vent area. So I got some warm water and soaked her in it after I brought her out she started to poo and alot. She is still straining and looks very uncomfortable. Could I give her a laxative or enema or something like that? What else could it be if not this? and what should I do? thanks in advance


this was after her soak so that is why she looks wet
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I thought about her being egg bound while I was soaking her but would she have lots of feces also? I didnt feel any eggs but I am new to this so I dont really know what to look for.
she is about 18 months old. I dont kmow if she has layed ever she is in with about 30 other just mixed breed hens. I would guess she has layed before with her age. I soaked her again and I think she looks more comfortable, but I didnt feel an egg in her.
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has that mass gone down in size with the soaking?...

there was also someone here that removed a huge mass from their chicken but i cant remember her name....I think the chickens name might have been lucky...she got her from another farmer in that condition...
The swelling has gone down a little but still is quite large. She seems way more comfortable now though. She is not straining and she will eat today so I guess that is a good sign. I put some cream on her to help with the swelling.
remember nothing with "caine"...Novocaine, solarcaine...ect...poison to chickens
I didnt know that, thanks. I didnt put that on her all I had was that butt paste diaper stuff so thats what I used dont know if that really helped but she seems to be more alert today. I let her out of her cage and she started scratching for bugs in the dirt so hopefully thats all it was and she is on the road to recovery.

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