Do chickens get stressed with a move?


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May 8, 2010
Texas City, TX
We put an offer on a house and should be moving around beginning of January. We have 7 hens and of course we will be moving with them as well. We will be moving there coop to the new house, so they will have the same home but a different yard. We are only moving about 20 minutes away, so I am not worried about the trip.

  • Have you ever moved with your chickens?
  • Did they act stressed out? Decreased egg production or other signs of stress?

Fred's Hens

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They'll be just fine.

Chicken show participants haul chickens literally thousands of miles across the country to enter them. Week after week.
Personally I haul birds back and forth from KY three times a year with no ill effects. Roughly 600 miles.

Having their own coop will be a plus, but the strange surroundings will throw them for a few days. They'll adjust. The whole thing may cause them not to lay for a day or two, but they'll settle right in. You and your voice will also be a constant for them. Same feeder, same waterers, same roost and nests too.

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