do chicks really need roosters?


9 Years
Mar 5, 2010
This may be an incredibly stupid question, but we have never raised hens before and are now doing so in a spanish speaking country. I need a straight up answer in english so I am 100% sure I understand. Do chicks need a rooster around in order to lay eggs? If they do require a rooster- does he need to be seperated from them or does he need to 'assist' in their egg making? Thanks!
If you only want to eat eggs, you do not need a rooster. Roosters don't have anything to do with egg-laying.

If you want MORE chickens, and to HATCH eggs, you do need a rooster involved in the process. Roosters must fertilize the eggs in order for them to HATCH.
I had the same question when I first got chickens, and I had a friend tell me this: Females lay eggs, (including you....) IF you want them fertilized, then you need the male. I never thought too much about it, but it makes sense, eh?

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