do chikens get ????

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Henny peeny

12 Years
May 4, 2007
do chicken get rabies or distemper or things like this furry animals get? I first had rabbits and thought maybe they should have shots but the vet said rabbits don't get rabies or distemper but what about tetnus Tetnis Can't spell it you get a shot for this if your step on something maybe this helps with what I am trying to spell.
Can they have this?? are they amune to it??

Most diseases for mammals don't affect birds and vice versa. There are exceptions, but it's pretty rare. Rabies definitely doesn't. I don't think tetanus does either, but since that's bacterial, it may be possible. I might have another name when it infects birds, but I don't recall seeing tetanus on the list of poultry diseases. Most backyard small flocks are not big enough to worry about vaccinating, since they won't be in contact with lots of other birds. THere are vaccines for poultry, but your vet likely won't be able to do them, you would have to get them at the feed store or order online and administer yourself.

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