Do different KINDS of chickens lay different SHAPES of eggs? [pics]

Terri O

10 Years
Jan 2, 2010
WI~chickening for 30 years!
For the last few days I have been getting some of these oddly shaped eggs. I think there are 3 hens laying them but there might be only 2. Here they are, the one on the left is a normal type for my flock. I have a bunch of different breeds. Any ideas?


Thanks for the assistance! Terri O
My EE lays a long pink egg like yours. I don't know if that's typical of EE. Maybe they came from the same hatchery and are related.
My EE's do the same thing...their eggs tend to be a bit longer than my Buff's or BR's. I have noticed that sometimes, towards the narrower end of the egg, the shell seems to get a little swirly, for lack of a better description. I think this is due to a calcium deficiency, so I give them oyster shell and it seems to remedy it.
Well thanks! I do have a few EEs. I think I will try to see who is laying what...kind of hard to do with the amounts of birds I have...and I am going to a swap on Sunday and have eggs in the incubator...yup--I am VERY good at chicken math! Terri O

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