Do drakes really fight?


11 Years
12 Years
Jan 25, 2008
I've had my ducks for a few weeks now and combined a couple flocks, yet I have yet to see any "fighting". I know people are always freaked about drakes fighting but the worst I've watched the ducks do is this "neck wrestling" thing. *shrug* Is that how they 'fight'?

Mine only fight over the girls. If the girls aren't around they are like water drinking, swimming buddies...
I'm not sure that is true of all ducks, or maybe because they were hatched at the same time and hang together? Not sure of you introduced new duckies if it would be the same result?
With good conditions, they should get along.
ducks can get pretty violent actually. especially if there's few females and many males. i've 3 drakes and 4 hens running a pretty big farm here and one of the drakes has a limp from his battles, and most of them have bald spots from their fights.

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