Do falcons eat eyeballs?


6 Years
Aug 30, 2015
A peregrine got in my run today, but I heard them calling and ran outside. The run is covered so he couldn't swoop but he had one of my chickens. She's a polish, and it looks like he was confused by her crest feathers and only mostly managed to pluck her. She actually looks to have superficial wounds and some shock, except she won't open her eyes....One eye is definitely still there and she won't open that one, but there are some tiny cuts and bruising around the other. I washed and applied antibiotic ointment, but haven't really poked at her because of the shock. Would a falcon just pluck an eyeball out? :(
More likely that a talon may have injured the eye. I'd apply ophthalmic ointment or any antibacterial ointment to her eyes.

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