Do hens ever crow?


14 Years
Jul 14, 2008
Baltimore, MD
All my chickens are supposed to be hens, but someone in there is crowing a bit in the morning. Does that mean there's a "he" among them?
Sometimes hens DO crow, especially if there is no rooster to do so. At least, I think that's what I've heard.

ETA: How old are your chickens?
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They're going on 5 months now. Noone looks like a cockerel out there. I think I'd be able to tell. The bantam barred rock is laying so she's a she. Sebrights and Mille Fleur cockerel's have a comb, and so would the EE and Ameraucanas, but mine don't. My sweet silkie doesn't have anything going on above her beak either, so I'm pretty sure she's a she, too. We used to have an Ameraucana cockerel (Trevor.) Maybe someone cought onto crowing from him.

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