Do I have a Frizzle x Frizzle? (Updated Pic)

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by TXmom, Feb 6, 2009.

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    It's kind of a long story, but I was offered a week-old Frizzle chick by an aquaintance. Well, I was caught a little off guard, and without thinking much about it, and not really having much opportunity to ask questions, I said "I would LOVE a Frizzle!!". So I brought her home...she's adorable...all black (black skin, feathers, legs, beak, etc). She's the chick in my avatar, not a real good pic but I can post a new one. Anyways, I noticed she didn't have much fluff on her back, but now her back and neck are getting even more bare. Her small wing feathers are very definitely frizzled (or maybe curly?). I started reading more about Frizzles and realized the problems that can come from breeding Frizzles to Frizzles, and by looking at her, I'm thinking that's what happened.

    So my question is...what do I do now? Her skin seems a little dry, but otherwise she seems healthy. She's very active and feisty, no problems eating or drinking, acting just like the other chicks. She is tiny...much smaller than them even though she's almost the same age. Is there any "special" things I should do for her, for her skin and/or feather issues? Special foods...more protein? More oils... I'm thinking Flax oil might help her skin?
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    Check to make sure she doesn't have some sort of mites or mange. You could have more than one thing going on, and you need to check it all, not just the obvious.
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    All depends on what she is bred of... Some breeds feather up very slowly, some fast.

    Post a bigger pic of it so we can tell better.

    This is a normal frizzle,

    and... this is how a double dose looks like...
  4. TXmom

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    OK, here are some better pics of my little Fiona (Frizzle). My concerns are her small size, lack of feathers or fuzz on her back, and what looks like dry skin, especially on her neck. I've looked at her very very closely and don't see any kind of bugs, lice, mites, etc. She's 2 weeks old, just 3 days younger than my other chicks who are much bigger and more feathered. Even my Silkies are way bigger than her.

    Maybe I'm just worried for no reason...slap me and tell me to chill out, if that's what I need [​IMG]


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    She may be a frazzle (frizzle cross frizzle) but it shouldn't affect her quality of life except that you need to keep her warm once she starts to feather in & especially when she moults. Also, being so small just make sure she is getting food & that the others don't keep her away from it because they are bigger. Putting oils etc in her food may do harm & no additives or extras will make her grow feathers if she's not going to. I think warmth is the most important thing as frazzles get cold easily. Most frizzles feather in very slowly though so don't be overly concerned if she takes awhile.
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    Thanks for your advice [​IMG] I do make sure she eats well...that was my first concern with her. The funny thing is...because she's so small, she actually scoots UNDER the bigger chicks and steals food from them! [​IMG]
  7. klf73

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    I honestly wouldn't worry yet. I had a couple of frizzles (not frazzles) that were very slow to feather. Bad news is they were both boys, they feathered much slower than my girls.....
    I wouldn't be concerned until *she* is a few weeks older.

    eta- looks like it has black skin? how many toes? the black skin makes me think it's a sizzle....
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    I don't think so. I think it is just growing slower. I had some birds like that, and some birds that grew way fast. Only time will tell.
  9. TXmom

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    Thanks...I wouldn't be worried at all, except her back is bare...not even fuzzy. All my other chicks have fuzz on their backs, with feathers growing in.

    OK...I am not worried....I am not worried....I will have PATIENCE and wait and see how she's doing in a few weeks.

    Also, it won't be so bad if she's a HE...I have some Silkies who I can breed him/her with to get some great Sizzles [​IMG] I don't know the sex of the Silkies yet either...hopefully not ALL males...
  10. klf73

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    what color skin? how many toes? I think you already have a sizzle...
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