Do I have Ameraucanas or EEs and do I have a roo (8 weeks +)??


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Apr 22, 2014
I think I've looked at every picture on line of Ameraucanas and checked out the .org website, but I still can't tell if these are the real deal. I'm really just curious more than anything. The big question I have a roo or are they both pullets?? Abigail is bigger and has longer tail feathers, but feathered out earlier than Sandy. TIA!


2.Abigail from the side

3.Abigail comb

4.Sandy comb (closest I could get cuz she kept wiggling)

5.Sandy from the side
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Both are Easter Egger pullets. That brownish, almost partridge like coloring is only rarely (more like never) found on cockerels.

Thank you so much for the replies. It makes it even better that you all said girls. LOL!!

They are so fun and let us cuddle them. I couldn't imagine having to give either of them up. We can't have roos here.
We've tried to patient and wait for them to lay, but we couldn't stand it any longer. My 8 yo daughter tried to vent sex them yesterday and boy did they make a fuss! I tried to tell her that it was a little late for that.
Both 100% pullets. Cockerels never look like that. And yes, EE because they aren't one of the accepted colors for Ameraucanas.

I've had a range of 19 weeks to 32 weeks for first egg from EEs and my four year olds are still producing 5 large eggs per week. Love them!
Thank you again for all the replies. Ya'll are the best
I figure that I shouldn't expect eggs until late August or September. So far they are living up to their reputations as being super friendly, so I hope to have good layers too. To think that I waited years to get chickens!
Hi, and welocme to BYC!
Glad to have you with us!
They both definitely look like pullets, and they look fully-grown too.
Do you know how old they are?

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