DO I have an EE?

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9 Years
Sep 10, 2010
I have a few chicks that might be EE. they have pea combs and one has green legs. but non have face muffs.they are 7 weeks old. I will post pic when I figure it out. thanks
Post pictures and we can tell you what you have. Not everything with green legs is an EE and not all EE's have green legs. Without beards, they could be EE or something else. Some develop the beards and muffs a bit later on, too.
It could very well be an Easter Egger. Not all EE's have to have a beard and muffs, but not all have to have green legs either. They're mutts, so almost anything goes - Just as long as there's some blue egg genes somewhere in there.
An EE is an Easter Egger chicken. It is not a breed but rather a mix of a blue egg laying chicken like an Ameraucana and another breed of chicken. They are really pretty birds and can lay just about any color egg depending on the cross.

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