Do I have boys?

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    Feb 7, 2011
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    I have 2 young d'Uccle chicks that I'm not sure the sex of. They are about 8-9 weeks old. There is one very obvious rooster and several very obvious pullets and then two that I'm unsure of.

    The for sure rooster, for reference on comb development:

    A for sure pullet (the ones I'm sure of have tiny flesh colored combs):

    One of the ones in question (on the right):
    Its comb is much smaller and more pink than the for sure rooster.

    And the other questionable cockerel, I have several pictures of it because he/she would not sit still:



    The comb on this one is fairly small, more like the pullets but it is much darker than any of the pullets.

    Your opinions would be much appreciated. [​IMG]
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  2. Chicken Bee

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    All except the second one look like boys to me.
  3. sfw2

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    By eight weeks, it was really obvious which of my D'Uccles was a boy and which was a girl. I think the last one is a pullet.

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