Do I Have Enough Bugs?


7 Years
I have three chickens that are about 4 months old, that free-range my small backyard (like 1/8 of an acre) I am starting to wonder if my yard is running out of bugs. Is this possible? Also, two of my three chickens don't eat worms at all. How do I know if they are getting enough protein? Also, I just realized they are still on Chick Starter. Is it time for something else? Nobody has layed yet. Do I wait to feed layer food until they lay? Also, what about my roosters; do I have to feed them something different than layer feed?

Sorry for all of the questions. I appreciate any info.

xoxo Annmarie
Some people go ahead and feed layer feed to their whole flock, even their roosters, and are happy with this. The calcium is layer is not the best for a rooster and it can build up over a long time and cause health problems. I personally would feed a grower or flock raiser to all of the birds starting right now and would add a bowl of oyster shell or some other calcium source to the side. This will insure that your laying hens have all the calcium they need but that your rooster and your non laying hens are not getting too much calcium. But, this is a personal choice.

A grower/flocker raiser feed or a layer feed will both have protein already in it. Chickens are also good at finding their own little protein snacks and will find bugs and will even eat mice/frogs and small snakes. If you are wanting to add healthy protein snacks you can farm your own mealworms. It is easy, cheap and sort of fun. But, as long as they are eating their feed they should be getting enough protein.

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