Do I have to break broody

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    I posted a few weeks back about my broody silkiexhen. I tried to break her about a week and a half ago by placing her in a wire rabbit cage for 36hours with no bedding but food and water. When I went to coop to check on her she was pacing back in forth wanting to get out. Placed her back in run with others and she acted normal that afternoon. Dusting bathing, eating hanging out with flock mates. I thought she was cured. Later that day she was back at it.
    My question is do I have to try again to break her? I don't care so much about the egg production as her health. Will she lose weight and get deconditioned over time if she is only coming out to feed twice a day when I kick her out of nest box to collect the eggs. I am in NH and the weather has been unseasonable mild still but obviously expected to get cold as months go on.
    It's just a pain because my rabbit cage is rather large and it takes up alot of space in the storage side of my coop to have her in there to break the broodiness.[​IMG]

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    its hard to break them of it. i have one sitting on 6 eggs due to hatch sunday . i tryed breaking her for two weeks and she wouldnt give up. i put her in a dog crate in the coop so the other birds dont bother her. my broody is a easter egger.
  3. We have bantams from my FIL's farm, they are random mixes. We got 2 adult hens who hatched eggs this spring. Out of 7 chicks only 2 were pullets. The two hens go broody about every other to every two months. The pullets have been laying for a few months and both pullets have gone broody twice and are thinking about it again. They are hanging in the boxes for the last 3 days, fluffing up when I go to check for eggs instead of hopping out of the boxes. We have 6 boxes, 1 is in each end box. One was on 2 eggs, 1 egg was in a box all alone, 1 egg was under the deep litter right by the door and the other pullet was on nothing.
    We just take the eggs from them, and kick them out of the nest to eat and exercise 2-3 times / day. Our plan is to allow them to hatch some eggs in February. Broodiness seems to be contagious, Nutmeg started up first, then her sister Cinnamon started 2 days ago. Just waiting for the hens to think it's a good idea too, then we won't get any eggs again...

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