Do I have to order more chicks?


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Jan 17, 2010
So my 28 cornish x's are 10 days old and doing great. I ordered from mcmurray and they sent 1 free "rare" chick. I am planning on sending the x's outside at 3 weeks, but the other one will have to stay in for 6 weeks, I think. So do I need to order some more so he or she is not lonely when the others go outside?
Was also wondering what everybody is using for a feeder on the x's at 2 to 4 weeks old. I bought a metal chick feeder that has the holes on each side and the top slides off, but they are cleaning that out in no time, and I am afraid they will get there heads stuck in it, so I hung a 2 foot piece of vinyl spouting inside,but I can't keep them out of it. They plop right down in it and eat and poop at the same time. Just looking for different ideas.


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Mar 21, 2009
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Of course you need more chicks LOL
The little one will need a buddy or two, unless you find her/him a new home.
When I ordered from McMurry, I said no to the extra "free" chick.

For the feeder question, we use a 30 lb feeder for 24 birds. It was taking the about 4 days to empty it but now (at 7 weeks) they can empty it in a little over a day. We aren't putting 30 lbs in it each time but we do fill it up. We went larger than we needed for the beginning weeks but happy for the size now. It's the waterers I have to refill 3 times a day because we only have 2 of the 1 gallon sizes.


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Mar 17, 2010
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Build one of these for the feeder. 10 minutes and $5 or less to build.



Also build a bucket waterer. Same planter base, drill 3 3/8" holes as close to the top rim of teh bucket as you can, put on a lid with a cap, turn upside down, and you have a 5 gallon waterer. Cost also about $5.


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Jun 5, 2010
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I just got 2 bell waterers that you can gravity feed the water too from any size bucket they seam to work ok now. As for feeders I have 2 30 lb feeders for 100 + chicks and they are 3 weeks old 106 x rocks and13 barred rocks 1 buttercup. Takes em bout 2 days to empty them but I don't have a feeding frenzy when I fill them. As soon as the meat birds get all there feathers they are going into grazing pens w 1 drum feeder per 50. I am trying to get some pics of my pens but the weather has been unfavorable here in nw pa.


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The first time I ordered CX's from MM I accepted the free "exotic" chick. That chick was raised with the CX's right up till butchering day then it was integrated into the pen with the layers.

I have since declined the free chick.

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