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    Ok here's my issue I'm sure someone has a good idea. I have 2 bantam hens and a roo in a smaller totally enclosed run with a large dog kennel that I have weather proofed so they stay warmer and dry. About four or five day ago my banty Cochin hen decided to go broody and wouldn't take no for an answer. So I'm guessing she has at least 4 eggs under her. I cant section her off from her flock. I have an empty chicken tractor can I move her and her eggs? Will she still accept them if I do that? She won't go crazy and eat them right? She is still letting the other to back in at night and everyone snuggles up to sleep. And ideas would be extremely helpful. Thanks.

  2. I can't and I am sure that no one else can definitely say that up rooting her wont matter. That is why I like stand-along individual nests. That way after dark I can quietly pickup up the entire nest, eggs, hen, and all. Then come first light in the hen's mind nothing has changed.
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    Is it possible to move the rooster and the non-setting hen into the chicken tractor for a few weeks? It's awfully risky to move your broody and eggs ... well ... I have tried it before, but I've had a rotten success rate. Moving the others seems a whole lot simpler to me.
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    Why not just leave her where she is...lots of folks have broodies hatch chicks right in the coop, that way you don't have integration issues later....or you could be the chicken boss, take the eggs away and break her broodiness.
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    What is the likelihood that the other hen and roo will hurt the babies?

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    I know all situations are different, but I had a broody that I tried to move and she abandoned the nest. Next I let her stay in the coop...then she got a friend. I left them both until the day after hatching. Once the chicks were dry they each got their own private area. (My nest boxes were too high for small chicks)

    After a week I let both Mamas out with their chicks. They buddied up and every night took their chicks back to their private house. After about five weeks one hen moved back into the coop. The other hen took the chicks with her at night and then they separated during the day. After week 7 everyone was moved back into the coop. No fuss.

    I think by allowing them access to everyone it helped them fit in. I had a much harder time introducing young pullets that I did the Hens with chicks. (rooster and all)

    Whatever you decide I hope it works out :)
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    I agree. I'd be moving the non-broody hen and the rooster out, and leaving the broody hen and her eggs where they are.

    I have never moved a broody hen, but I have moved a Momma Hen with her day old chicks on several occasions and that was always fine - as long as she was with her babies she was happy.

    - Krista

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