Do I need to give my chickens grit?

Colt Frost

Feb 3, 2018
Southern Utah
i free range my chickens everyday, and the lands they’re on is half grassy green orchard and half desolate dirt field. The dirt field does have Little Rock’s and stuff. Are they getting enough grit? Their poop looks normal if that has anything to do with this.
I never gave my chickens grit. We got our first four from people that didn’t give them grit and they live. Our soil is very sandy/rocky though.
IView attachment 1317122 think I should share my experience about grit ..
I've 2 home chickens till their 5 months they don't have any grit as I thought they are home chickens so they didn't need it .but as they getting big and older I realized that their eating habit got changed like less interest in food and treats .
I thought it's a infection or something so I treat with medication ..
Nothing improve I take them to our medicine store vet
And I got they have some digestion issue going on .
I'm also studying veterinary but I really didn't aware about grit at that moment .
Vet told me to give them grit .I order online and next day I got and open it it was shell grit didn't contain any of pebbles or stones my vet told me my chickens need hard small pebbles .

Some of my fellow chicken keeper friends told me they use construction grade sand that's very corase they wash the pit sand and dry it collect the small granite stones and give to their chickens its cheap and very effective ..I use that too and my chickens seems loving it and they back on food ..

Pit sand have tiny hard rocks maybe granite I wash it first then . I give them in moderation

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