Do I need to move my Roo's?


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May 7, 2016
Hi I'm a newby here! I have 19 chickens that are all almost 4 months old! 12 Black Star, 4 Red Star, 2 Australoop Roosters and 1 Easter Egger Rooster! I was told they were all hens but you know how that goes! Anyway the hubby doesn't want them together at all, he said he doesn't want the eggs fertilized so my question is why keep them together or not and can I house them all together in their own place? Any advice would be so helpful! Hopefully it will just stay the 3! Lol;)
If you have no wish to breed, then I would personally get rid of them. You can keep them in a bachelor run, if you wish.
You can tell your husband that a fertilized egg is not like a fertilized egg of a mammal, which begins to develop immediately. In chickens, and other birds they lay a clutch of eggs, however they can only lay one egg at a time. Sometimes a hen will find a secret spot, create a nest, and lay an egg there. Then go about her business, she goes back and lays another egg, and so on, until the number of eggs in the clutch suits her. At that time she stops laying, and begins to brood the clutch.

All the eggs will start to develop when they have been warmed to about 100 degrees F for more than 24 hours. This allows the eggs to hatch at the same time.

Eggs collected each day, are in a state of suspension, they are not developing. Maybe this will help your husband. Most people cannot tell if an egg has been fertilized or not without training.

If you still do not want fertilized eggs, then you really need to remove him from your flock. I would not like to keep a single rooster by himself away from his ladies, I don't think the rooster will like it either.

Mrs k
They have all been together since babies do you guys think they will be ok and not fight if i keep them together? Also is there anything special i should do in their new home? Things they need or dont need?
They should be fine in a "bachelor coop" if you don't want fertilized eggs. They need food, water shelter and a roost. I'd give them plenty of space if they aren't going to get to free range. I currently have 10 cockerels in a bachelor/grow out coop with attached run. They're all getting along just fine. Next week the count will be down to two, and those two will be integrated back into the flock of hens and pullets.

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