Do I need to put them into their coop or can they sleep in their run?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Heidi-Hi, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Quote:What I do when I physically put mine though the pop door while training them to go into the coop at dusk is to pause just a second after putting each one in. If they turn around to come back out, I very lightly tap them on the breast with my finger. Some of them you may have to do it a couple of times. They will turn around and go on about their business. This has always worked for me and I never have had to close the pop door between birds. My uncle showed me this little trick when I was growing up.
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    Lock them in the coop for a week. Day and night. When you open the pop door in a week just let them wonder out at their leasure. I guarantee you they will prefer to go back in and roost at night. That is unless there is a snake or rat harassing them in there. [​IMG]
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    I have an Orpington & a Maran, both 3 months old... they won't go up into their coop at night... or ever really. I am worried that either the ramp is too steep? I have photos, but can't figure out how to attach them here.... My husband built the coop [​IMG]
    Any advice?
    Thank you, Katie (Bootsy & Hueva)
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    Mine just march right in. It's so funny to me. As you can tell, I'm new at this. Last week when I introduced them to the coop and the run, they just marched in when it got dark. One thing I have done is that I put the little cage where they had been living in the coop. That helped them to know that the coop was home. I think that I will take the cage out tonight and they will just sleep in the coop.
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    Unless you have built "fort knox" for a run, you need to close the chickens in overnight. From experience, they will get eaten.
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    Quote:I agree 100% with PhilErvin.
    I think it's less stressful (on you and the hens) if they learn that the coop is where they belong at night on their own, rather than you having to chase them around, pick them up, put them in, or to let them sleep outside overnight (which for means I would NOT be sleeping knowing all the critters that lurk about!)

    I'd lock them in for 3-4 days and if on their first night back outside they don't figure it out, I'd try a whole week. [I normally do a full week when I move my "teens" out to the big coop, but your girls might figure it out within just a few days.] Just be sure to keep them entertained while they're locked inside - good treats, rotting tree trunk, hanging corncobs - something so they don't get bored with one another.

    Good luck!

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