Do I need to stop the egg's from turning 2 days before they hatch ?


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Apr 6, 2013
England, UK
hello, so do i need to stop the automatic turner stop from turning 2 days before the hatch ? also what does lockdown mean and do i need do take them out th egg cartons 2 days before they hatch ?
"Lock down" is an odd turn. Where it started, nobody likely knows. Urban slang or something. It refers to the last couple of days when one don't want to open the canopy, so hands off. It means those last few days when humidity should be a bit higher and left in the hatcher. Opening the lid allows humidity to escape and with some hatchers it can cause issues.

I don't personally use the term. Best of luck on your hatch. I stop turning a batch tonight.
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oh thanks good luck with your hatch and so i have my eggs in quail egg cartons should I take them out and put them on there sides ? so i need to stop turning them 2 days before they hatch
You're supposed to take them out of the racks (Is that what you mean by "cartons"?) remove the egg turner and lay them on their side in the incubator. They no longer need turning? Your last question was over 2 days ago! Have you had any eggs hatch?
On their side or upright with the small end down?

I've always kept them in the cartons fat end up, narrow pointy down for hatching.


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