Do I now officially have egg-eaters?


11 Years
Oct 11, 2008
Hardwick, NW New Jersey
This morning, I went out to let the chickens out to free-range, and found that someone had
layed an egg......on the ground.....inside the run.
2 of the girls were pecking at it, and eating it!
They had only just started this, as the hole they made was small.........but still................they
were eating an egg!!!
Do I now have "egg eaters" on my hands...........or could this possibly be a passing fancy that
won't necessarily be repeated?!?!?!
If an egg is broke (such as from being laid on the ground), my chickens will eat it. BUT, in general, I don't have an issue (it's a once in a blue moon sorta thing). So, if it is just this once that you have seen this, I am gonna guess that it won't be a common even in your flock.
Thank you!
I hope you're correct............

Any other opinions appreciated.......
do you have a nesting box?
They prob won't eat "em from in there.
someone started at my house so I put curtains up and I'm sure to collect earlier in the day -O.K.
I have an EE that will occasionally lay an egg on the ground that has an *issue* ie soft shell. She will so far not lay this egg in the nest box and though they all go crazzy over this soft one on the ground, they have never gone for any in the nest, even if accidently broken. Hope the same for yours. They seem quite protective of the ones in nest.

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