Do I want to feed my goats this?

Why not! It doesn't say its forified with vitamins? But it"s all good! I wish I lived closer I would buy it!
Is it fresh? The ad has been deleted, so I can't see the details. Is it just for goats, or is it cattle feed? A lot of places in my area market cattle feed for goats, but it's not nutritionally balanced for a goat.
It depends upon what kind of goats you have and what you are doing with them. Goats that are not growing or pregnant or milking don't generally need grain. Dairy goats need a high quality 16% protein dairy goat feed (usually pelleted) while they are in milk, and free choice alfalfa hay. Scrub/pet goats don't need grain unless they're pregnant or nursing, and even then, not very much.

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