Do jungle fowls lay just to lay ?

Darrell Cunningham

5 Years
Nov 18, 2017
Ok I hatched out two Indian red jungle fowl last September as luck would have it one turned out a roo and the other a hen I was thrilled but misfortune befell my roo a cat or coon got him so all I had left was a jungle fowl hen and a red bantam roo . Both same ages about 6 months old . I noticed the other day my Roos tail was all muddied up and horrible looking lol! Then today I saw what looked like an egg at doorway of their Lil coop and in deed it was not one but 5 ! The opened it up and found 6 more in the nesting area I had made wow ! Question is will a jungle fowl hen lay just to lay or are my Roos tail feathers muddy for another reason lol! So now I have 11 eggs in all wonder should I try to incubate them I'm curious to see if they could be fertile. A red Dutch bantam roo and jungle fowl hen cross might make for some interesting specimens since the roo looks exactly like the jungle fowl male just smaller of course.
If you're willing, I think it would be fun to incubate them just to see! I'm not familiar with Jungle Fowl though, so I don't know if they lay just to lay.
Me too ! I was just getting ready to order some jungle fowl hatching eggs off line but now I'll wait . They only lay once a year I heard they say to keep gather them to keep her laying I think the Dutch bantam gonna keep her busy I've never sent them mate lol. He is smaller but not too much lol!

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