Do my chickens need more of anything in order to lay??

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by willowbranchfarm, Mar 7, 2012.

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    I have 8 chickens and they're going to be 24 weeks old on Monday and no eggs so far. I just want to make sure that I'm doing everything I should be doing. They are on a laying ration and and a two grain scratch which has corn and oats in it, and they free range some times and I have grit for them. Anything else I should be doing?? I know it takes some time for them to start laying and everything. Its funny, my rooster is really mature as in he is mating,chasing,crowing, and doing the dance thing for them. But my hens don't seem as mature even though they're the same age. But it could just be normal I don't know. Any tips would be great. Thanks.

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    They don't need the scratch, only the laying ration. You can probably get away with small quantities of scratch as a treat, certainly no more than 10% of their intake.

    Many people also offer oyster shell as a calcium supplement, though usually not til after they start laying. Supposedly the layer has enough calcium, though. You can leave it off and see how the shells are, or put a little out, separately, as you wish.

    If he is mating and they are not objecting, chances are, eggs are not far off. You should see them do the squat, which hopefully they are already doing for the rooster, and see their combs get a bit redder. Are you sure they aren't laying under a bush somewhere?
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    Mine are also 24 weeks this week and two of the 14 just started laying last Thursday. I have gotten about 2 eggs a day from them since Monday. The other 12 are just gawking and not doing much of anything yet, lol. THey are all squatting for me though, so I think the others are not far off. Just give'm some time.

    I agree that it'd be good to look for a nest somewhere if the roo is mating with them. If they free roam it may be anywhere in the yard and you just haven't found them yet.
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    I don't know where you are at, but sunlight is a big factor, too. If you are still up north and your winter days are still short, sunlight could be a major factor.

    My layers just turned on the past 2 weeks, from 30 eggs a day to 100. I think the sunlight finally hit their critical mass... and it's going to keep getting better!
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    They are in an run at all times. And I watch them free range. I'll look for eggs but I have before and didn't see any. There combs are red. But I haven't seen them do the squat thing. Sunlight here is pretty good. About 13-14 hours of light.Thanks for y'alls help.

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