Do my chicks need to "toughen up" or...


10 Years
Jan 10, 2010
West Sound, Washington
Should I be giving them more heat?

They're 5 weeks old yesterday. Mostly feathered, but still have some baby fuzz.

I put a thermometer exactly where they are pictured huddled up and it's about 58'F

Typically I've been lowering the heat lamp a bit at night to keep them cozy, and they seem to appreciate it. Tonight I left it high to see how they would react, and their behavior is different. A lot more huddling, a lot more volume on chirping. Not an "OMG OMG OMG OMG he's trying to kill us again!" chirp, but not the "pleasantly contented crapping in my food dish" chirp either.

I have 6 chicks. As you can see here, these are all the Faverolles huddling. The 2 others don't seem to be as picky (Wyandotte and Sussex), but eventually join the clump as well.

58F at 5 weeks it sounds plenty warm to me ....

Normally I have them out side but I haven't any idea
how hot it is where you are .....

My chicks at less then 4 weeks last January out side with
a out side temp od about 50F ....
Low tonight should be 42F outside. They're in the garage and I would guess it MIGHT get down to 50 in there at the lowest. (Shares 2 interior walls with our house and has 2x6 framing with good insulation)

I would like them to be ready for the coop in a few weeks, but I also don't want to harm them or rush them if they need more cozy time :)
Thanks for putting my mind at ease. I will check on them periodically for the next few hours and unless they look too frigid, I'll leave things be and see how ****** off they are at me in morning :)
I have read so many different things abt chicks and temps that they need to be kept at.

What are your thoughts since we here in mi are still going into the 20's-30's at night?
Jbeute: I'd give them a bit longer... especially since one of them is lagging behind. You don't want to separate the brood at this point, so, I'd look to meet the needs of the lagger. What is the night time temp in the shelter you'll be putting them in? Can you put them in a box in their coop at night to help them conserve body heat? Do you have a high/low thermometer you could use? Full moon coming up on the 15th, weather should start warming up after that.
I have a high low temp set and it stays at abt 70 with it 40 last night. We are supposed to get to freezing again for the next 5 nights. That's why I poised my question of where the temp can be on 4-5 week olds? 60's 50's

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