Do Nosy Neighbours Count As Pests?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Zeil, Aug 1, 2015.

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    Jan 7, 2014
    God's Country
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    Jun 29, 2015
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    They're multiplying...

    My nosy neighbours had three people and 5 children at their house today, they plus all three of their guests were at one point standing in their backyard staring and pointing into ours.

    They must be planning a new fence or something. Surely... Our yard isn't that interesting.
  3. snow5164

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    May 16, 2015
    That could be , when we lived in town we never saw our "behind us"neighbours til we got some foster children . Then their kids started climbing trees to see over our 6 foot fence and throw rocks at our terrified kids!!!when I walked around the block to talk to mom and dad they "didn't speak English" that makes my blood boil, so we can't talk while your kids terrorize the neighbourhood,
    We were there 8 years with no problems , and 2 years trying to plan an escape to the country!!!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  4. shortgrass

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    Mar 14, 2015
    Northern Colorado
    Lol my old neighbors... Had this horrible spotlight aimed RIGHT into my bedroom window...they literally made a patio 5' from my the trees...crammed in the back side of their house all shady like...they would toss things over the fence at mybdigs; they had 6 flea ridden ones that barked incessantly and if MY dig barked even ONCE(usually to get in) they would come knock on my door to tell mey dog barked.

    I'm legally deaf. So i had this new alarm was LOUD bit I didn't know HOW loud until one morning heading off to work, and the old lady( there were 3 generations of people plus the teenage girls' biker boyfriend, talking 9 people lol) comes running out to tell me that MY ALARM CLOCK WOKE HER UP.

    I think they're jealous of your chickens! :p
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  5. the poppster

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    Oh my god?!!? If at all possible I would pull up steaks and move as far away from that type of neighborhood as possible!!! I would never live where you had to sign a contract to abide by some ridicules rules cooked up by the local "In a Perfect Neighborhood Society"...."Guidelines" for a more harmonious relationship between Prevent future setting rules that Must be abided by in order to be a "Member" of the community....sounds a bit Orwellian to me....your grass must be no longer then_____ , your fence can not be made of_____,or_____,or be taller or shorter than _______, these are the approved colors for houses ____,_____,____,___ or _____......I'm sure the list goes on and on....No Way!!! What really loses me is that people pay BIG BUCKS to buy a house in these places....I must be missing something, cause I just don't get it? Anyhow....maybe the neighbors are just fascinated by your birds.....most of my visitors don't get past the chicken coop and run without stopping to watch the birds....most of the time I have to walk out and meet them....kind of snap them out of the Chicken Trance that they fall under....I would hope that's what it is....if not I would Get Gone as soon as more private living space.
  6. the poppster

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    Wow....2Miles eh? I would have asked him "Why? Does it bother you? If that's the case, you obviously come prepared so have at it, if it bothers you that and wave him good-bye.
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  7. adylina

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    May 20, 2015
    Wow, I really can't imagine! I was raised on a farm, then lived in the city for a bit over two years after I went to college. I hated the city life, but at least my neighbors weren't that bad. The one directly next door was "grandma" and her entire family owned the rest of the street, so beyond the constant running and playing of kids we never had issues. (including in my yard, but I don't mind that. I grew up with a lot more acreage to play on, so why shouldn't these kids have full run of the street?) They would even let themselves into my backyard to play with my dogs, but they were always gentle and the dogs loved it. Many of them didn't have pets of their own so it was more "sharing the love". My desire to move to the country again came more from the constant lights and noise of the city in general, as you really can't beat the quiet of the hills I live in now. If I had neighbors like some of you are describing though, I feel that I would have moved out a lot sooner!
  8. adylina

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    May 20, 2015
    Now that I am thinking about it though.... The only incident I had was when one of the neighbors on the street had misgivings about my garden in part of my front yard. (that was where the sun was) It was legal to garden where ever I wanted and they never reported anything, but their concern was actually:
    "Won't growing food attract homeless people to our street"?
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  9. the poppster

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    Attracting homeless people??? Seems like it's most likely to attract your hungry neighbor....irresistible big ripe red juicy tomatoes....draws them like flats!!! just remember ignorance can be fixed....reassure the ignorant neighbor....if that doesn't may be dealing with a case of Stupid...that can't be fixed. Hope your garden is doing great!!![​IMG]
  10. NatureChica

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    I had a great neighbor when I was little and then when I was 10 his dad moved in and evicted him and since then my poor father has had to tolerate their insanity. It runs the gamut for crazy behavior. Everything from revving their engines of snowmobiles and lawnmowers well past midnight to threatening my dad claiming we were stealing their cable and siphoning electricity...ugh.
    One day I was visiting my dad and I had my baby girl with me. The lady comes over waving a diaper in my dads face calling him all sorts of names and claiming he threw the diaper in her bushes. The houses are right near a highway where people throw all sorts of stuff onto our lawns. Diaper was the wrong size and brand to be my daughters but the lady didnt care. They get off on confrontation. They have a junkyard behind their house. They piled up every dead vehicle and piece of trash they could back there. We thought it was ridiculous but fine since it was their yard. Then they call the township on my dad for having not cut his grass and for having two vehicles (that were driven regularly) parked on the opposite side of the property from them. There was a pole barn in between them and the vehicles so they were entirely out of sight and as I said they were driven regularly. Some people just suck.
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