Do Roosters Squat


12 Years
Feb 4, 2010
chicago sw suburbs
I was worried about one of my australorps being a rooster. The worry was just from the look of the comb and wattlle because the other one does not have as much.
They are over 20 weeks old and the one I was worried about is squating for the past 4 days. Is this a quarantee that it is a hen?
I have roos that look like they are gonna lay an egg, in the nest box, or anywhere else that looks good. Just showing the girls what to do??
I have a few roos that squat when I pet them. My big BO boy does a great impression of an eggsong too.

Have you tried posting pics of the bird in question? Someone may be able to help you figure it out.
I was worried about one of my two hatchery-sexed black australorps being a boy, too, and I posted a picture in the australorp thread down in the breeds category. Yep, the experts said, that's a roo! So, Saturday, when I processed him ... yep, there were the jelly beans. He was a roo, alright.

Cute little Frilly-butted thing.

::le sigh::

Can you give us a picture?
Got 3 eggs from the one with the big comb and wattle. Now the one with the small comb and wattle is starting to squat. Glad its a female because the two get along so well.

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