Do Sebastopol Geese Pair Up?

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12 Years
Apr 26, 2007
Fair Oaks, California
i am looking at getting some Sebastopol goslings. Not sure how many i can get, or what will be available. i have been told they tend to pair up, and a third female would get ignored. But i'm a little afraid of just getting two - what would i do if something happened to one of them? They are hard to find as it is, and then trying to replace an adult may be difficult.

If i can, would it be feasible to get a trio, or perhaps one male and three females? Or should i try to get two pairs? Just curious what works for other people with their flock. Thank you for any input anyone might provide.
A trio is great and although they may have a favorite partner they will usually still breed the others. My put together breedings this year were from 4 females to a gander to trios and fertility was just wonderful . I could not have asked for a better year. Most all of the eggs from the pen of 4 white females and gander were fertile and these were with 2 females he did not know .I put them together early enough for them to adjust to each other. Hardly ever saw him breed but the eggs told another story. I finally stopped collecting and let them set and got another 9 babies. I don't sell goslings and this was a new trio added to 2 of my females, so if I ever have some available it is late, late in the fall . I will post some pictures later. Just had 6 little grays sebastopols hatch 2 days ago which is nice as that group has produced almost all buff sebastopols. This was just a great hatching year and others I have visited with have had the same.
Thank you for your input. i looked on your site and your geese are beautiful. i love the buff color. It sounds like i should try to get a gander and then two or three females. i am so looking forward to getting these. i've been wanting them for a while now.
I love the buffs to. I did get a curly buff saddleback in with the buff kids and that was a neat surprise. I will get some photos of them on here today.
I am interested in getting a trio of blues or grays, but I don't know any breeders close to where I live in southern New Jersey. Does anyone where I could purchase a few goslings that could be shipped or picked up in a nearby state?

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