Do these silkies look like roos already?


8 Years
May 6, 2011
Campbellville Ontario
I know Silkies are hard to sex unless they crow or lay, but I just have a feel that half of 'flock'
of four are roosters already. These two guys are quite a bit bigger than the other two and their head feathers seem to be growing straight back like they've been in a wind storm while the other two seem to be growing a soft halo of feathers all over their heads. When these two hear other birds around they're craning their necks checking it out while the other two continue to forage for bugs in the grass


I know...the waiting is killing me too!! I know for a fact that my two reds are, but my other 4 are driving me crazy
Your lil guys are a beautiful color!
I hate waiting!! I'm hoping by some miracle they're all pullets so that we can keep all of the sweeties, because we have backyard chickens if they're roos they have to go
I really like their colours, they're all from the same 'family' are the chicks were all either buff, partridge, black or blue and my three guys seem to be a mix of all of the above LoL Except for my little buff one. I'm thinking by all rights of chicken math we need to go back to the breeder and pick up another pair of buff to even it out
Silkies are gorgeous, but the waiting must be terrible! I cant' wait to get my Silkies some year............

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