Do they always sing before they lay?


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
South Central Montana
I have two girls who just started laying. The EE doesnt sing the egg song and the barred rock just growls. Will they ever sing? On a different note, my phoenix roo clucks like a hen and sings the egg song. He may be confused. Lol

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My EE's didn't sing much at the beginning either. They just sort of...croaked. Really, like a frog. The other girls would look at them like "what IS that sound you're making?". Too funny. Now one of them does a glorious egg song before AND after she lays with a charming squawk at the end. The other two...still frogs.
I have an Australorp that has been laying since the 20th who I have not heard make a peep. I know I have been outside while she was laying but she was copmpletely quite.
I only wish this trait had been passed along to my roos.
One of them croaks and screams, and then sings the song, but Maple, her sister, doesn't.

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