Do they let you specify a delivery week?


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Aug 4, 2008
Bay Area, CA
We want to order some chicks from My Pet Chicken and I'm not sure what to expect, as a first-timer. We need to have someone around to pick them up, but have to be out of town for a couple three-day weekends, because of Civil War reenactments.

Have others ordered from them, and do they let you specify when a good delivery time would be, or do you have to adapt to their schedule? I'm hoping they ship early in the week, in which case it would only be a case of getting someone to run chick duty while we're gone, but it is a concern.


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Jan 12, 2007
Land of Lincoln
I am a Civil War reenactor too and the hatcheries can put you down for the dates you want them to deliver. Some rare breeds you will have to move up a bit before heading out for reenactments.

Due to the rising gas prices, we will not be going very many so I can order chicks between two events.

Good luck!

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