Do they need a ramp?

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    so, i just tucked the girls in for the night and unfortunately we don't have the ramp all set up yet so i went out to escort them into their raised coop. lo and behold they were already all snuggled up on the roost!
    I'm so excited!! [​IMG]
    so my question is, do they really need the ramp? i feel like in the odd chance a predator can get through the wires, locks, and buried wire the ramp is almost like a golden platter. right? or am i crazy?

    on the crazy note i clucked back at my plymouth rock today. i wish they could speak.
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    Any door the chickens can get in without the aid of a ramp, a predator will also be able to get in. It doesn't sound like yours need a ramp - much depends on the height they would have to jump to get in. That may change as time goes on. If you were to add bantams to your flock, they might have more trouble getting in. Silkies can't jump much at all so would probably need a ramp. And, if you have a hen go broody and hatch chicks, the chicks will likely need a ramp to get in. But if none of those situations applies to you - right now - then it sounds like you can get by for awhile without one.
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    x2 great advice. If you have standard breeds they do not need a ramp. If you decide to expand later and try something different you might need to add one. I have to make adjustments to my coop after adding silkies.

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