do they need more room?


11 Years
Mar 21, 2008
my chicks have become very loud while they are roaming around. when i watch them it seems that they take off and jump on someones head or back and then run off. kinda like they want to run around but end up on chick while running. does this mean they need a bigger area?
ok thanks. ill switch them out tomorrow. but the other brooder is rather big. is there a such thing as to much room?
Yes from what I have heard, there can be problems under two conditions.

1. Chicks are very young and can't find their way back to food/water.

2. Brooder has 90 corners that young chicks can get trapped in when avoiding the heat lamp.

If they are about 2 weeks old it shouldn't be a problem.

HTH Paul
the brooder i was going to move them to is round and about 38" wide. i a bit taller. is that to big?
ok thanks. ill start moving them in now.

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