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8 Years
Nov 13, 2011
say you have to rehome a chicken, and then several months later deside to visit the chicken, would it remember you.?
I'm not for certain, but most chickens will remember you if you are gone for a few days if you know they super well. But that's just what I noticed in my chickens
Usually if you raise them when they were just little babies they'll imprint on you.
I have been away for 2 weeks at a time and when I get back home They recognize Me.I read where a man had given his chickens away and was away from them quite a long time.He went to see them one day and when they heard his voice they came running to him.I'd say they do.
some good to hear comments

my mom recenty heard news on how our roo was doing (he was rehomed cause we live in the city) and hope to visit him again
I am unsure whether they remember you or not, but I know they remember former homes and friends. I recently took back a cockerel that I rehomed a few months ago. He remembered his hatchmates and the broody that raised him. She was one of the first to come up to him and they bowed to each other and held still for a few minutes. It looked almost like a welcoming ceremony. He remembered the coop and the very first day he was let out with the rest, went in it at night like he never was gone and roosted in exactly the same spot he had when he was here. I take them into the front yard in the evenings and he remembered that too. The front by the street isn't fenced and they aren't allowed to go past a certain point. He stayed in the proper boundary just like he always had.

I don't know if they remember people or not but if this guy remembered all that, surely they remember people too. This guy's hatchmates, two pullets, were the first to join his "flock." It was too cute.
I recently visited Joe Dirt, the cockeral I gave away back in June. He had no idea who I was. He didn't care a flit until I tossed some scratch feed for him. Then I was his bestest friend.
i got my leghorn roo since he was chick.
he thinks im his momma hahaha.
he always approach to me when i get home. just like a dog. :D
i got my leghorn roo since he was chick.
he thinks im his momma hahaha.
he always approach to me when i get home. just like a dog.

Same with my Jersey Giant roo! He was the only one, but "hand" was his momma and he chest bumps me and he knows his name "Fluffy Puffy" and he comes when called, and has a good vocabulary.
I have a weird looking little half Black Orpington, half Dark Cornish cockerel that is the same way. He thinks I'm his momma and follows me around talking to me the whole time I'm out there. He's only 13 weeks old right now. I keep telling him he needs to turn mean so I won't feel bad if he gets eaten. He wouldn't be good for much else unless someone wanted to raise funky looking birds for meat.

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