Do you bathe ducklngs?

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May 24, 2011
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My 3+wk old mucovy babies could use a wash.. i clean daily but yeah they spill water everywhere so there chests are not the cleanest anymore.. can you bathe them? and if so how? can i put a shallow amount of water in the bathtub? i don't have a sink beg enough to hold all four of them now at there size..

If you can, do you towel dry them up a bit afterwards? my heat is still on in my house since were still not warm out .....

I feel stupid asking such silly questions but i honestly have no idea...
and don't wanna do anything harmful to them.
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Fill the tub up with luke cool water and chuck them in. They'll clean themselves by swimming, which Muscovys aren't a fan of anyway as their oil gland isn't as productive as other ducks. Once they've swam for a while drain the water and let them preen for a while.

Do not use soap. Just water.
My wife put a couple inches of water into a canner and put our 2 goslings in, they loved it, had to change the water twice! She then pulled them out and let them sit on a towel in her lap till they dried some then back in their pen with fresh bedding and their heatlamp.

Those birds lived better than we did this spring.
I bath mine in warm water and then make sure to blow dry them or towel dry them before putting them back in the brooder. In the summer my kids really like to take the ducklings for a swim (they do this with adult supervision) and I make sure that the ducklings do not get over tired when we do this!

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