Do you get excited about a new project too?

Mrs. Green Thumbs

9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
Santa Maria, California
There is an ongoing debate in my house, I happen to LOVE a project especially if it means I get to build something. I. JUST. LOVE. IT! I enjoy planning the build, setting up for the build, getting started and the process but most of all I LOVE stepping back and seeing my hard work in the form of the final product! So awesome even if it's not perfect I REALLY love the feeling of being capable and knowing that if I need to I can make virtually anything I need!

My DH is not of the same mind. He will enjoy some project's but only on his terms and when it's something he is not into it's so frustrating getting him to assist. He believes that I am the crazy one for being so excited about my project's. I believe he is missing out because he does not get that sense of satisfaction. Example, when we finished the coop I was so excited I could have screamed I wanted to make myself a celebratory margarita set up some lawn chairs and spend an hour watching the sun set, sipping my drink, watching my hen's get used to their new home, and enjoying my micro back yard farm. The husband finished and went inside thankful that he was just done. After a month of hard work... that was it there was no moment of enjoying the hard work.... nope.... I come home daily and the first place I go to is the garden. Every day I am so proud of us and all the little achievements that took a barren back yard and transformed it into a mini farm stead where we can enjoy the bounty of our hard work and mother nature in all her glory. Our own oasis. He waits inside for me to get bored or lonely and come inside (supposedly where I belong). Iv begun to come to the conclusion that I will be working on my own project's by myself but when I begin while he makes it sound like he's disappointed, "oh know my wife has another crazy idea!" at the same time he seems to expect to be included... and if I get up in the am to get my project started he might wait 15 - 20 minutes to be invited or asked for his assistance I notice that he winds up finding one reason or another to make his way out there, either out of curiosity or to simply drop a hint that he want's to help to. lol.

Share your project/building story's! And vote!!! Do you enjoy a project or do you dread it?


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May 14, 2008
NE Wisconsin
I love new projects, and if it were up to me my poor husband would be working on the house all the time. He, however, has different ideas. We usually accomplish one or two large projects a year, any more than that and he gets frustrated. He likes to spend his time puttering around in the garage.

I just have too much going on in my head, and always jump from one thing to the next. That's my excuse, anyway!


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Jan 26, 2007
Mountains of NC
Yes, I get so excited! From the initial planning stage up to it being finished. LOVE it!

Hubby couldn't build himself out of a paper bag so it's myself, the kids and sometimes my dad. Good quality time!
My boys love to build with me and I love to build with them AND my dad.

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