Do you have a Farmers Almanac? 2012 BEST hatch dates....


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I read this here:

Those born under a waxing Moon, in the fruitful signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are healthier and mature faster.
To ensure that chicks are born during these times, determine the best days to "set eggs" (to place eggs in an incubator or under a hen.)
To calculate, find the three fruitful birth signs on the Moon's Sign Calendar in The Old Farmer's Almanac—
Using only the fruitful dates between the new and full Moons, count back 21 days to find the best days to set eggs.

I don't have a Farmer's Almanac. Could someone tell me the dates for 2012?​
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Thank you for your reply, but what I am looking for is this:

Example: the Moon is new on June 12 and full on June 26. Between these dates, on June 13 and 14, the Moon is in the sign of Cancer. To have chicks born on June 13, count back 21 days; set eggs on May 23.

I need to know the fruitful dates between the new and full moon, that are in the Almanac.
Actually you are wrong and the dates I gave you and that you edited out were right once again sorry you didn't understand
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Nearly everybody knows his "zodiac sign" or sun sign. This is not what I am looking for.
The moon sign is neither the "zodiac sign" nor the ascendant, which it has been mistaken for once in a while.
OH YEAH ! ! I found some of the dates!
Best dates to hatch (go back 21 days for the date to set chicken eggs) 2012
January 7-8, 16-17, 25-26.
February 4-5, 12-13, 21-22.
March 2-3, 11-12, 19-20.
June 1-2, 9-10-11, 19-20, 28-29.
July 7-8, 16-17-18, 25-26-27.
September 1, 9-10,18-19, 27-28.
October 6-7-8, 15-16, 24-25.
November 3-4,12-13,20-21, 30
December 1-2, 10-11, 18-19, 28-29.
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Sorry...I had the dates backwards on my first post....

Dates are January 26th, 27th, February 4th & 5th...count back 21 days

The fruitful days are ONLY under the days of cancer, scorpio and pisces and only the ones between the new moon and full January the new moon is 23rd & February the full moon is the 7th so dates in between's a little confusing, but hope it helps.
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Llewellyn's 2012 Moon Sign Book is available for "preview," online. (different pages on different sites) I found some of the pages with dates for "fruitful," but not all of them. Those are the ones missing in my post above.

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